Maintenance of Bio-Toilets & Bio-STP's & Bio-Digesters
Elefo Biotech also provides maintenance services to installations done by self and others for Bio-Digesters and Bio-STPs. This may include AMI feed, cleaning and maintenance of bio-digesters.

Railway Services
Elefo Biotech also provides services to Railways for Bio-Digester installations & P tp S conversions.
Elefo also does maintenance for Bio-Digesters.

Running of Toilets
We also do maintenance of toilets & treatment of fecal sludge.

Design of Bio-STP's & large Bio-Digesters
We provide design service for large bio-digesters for bio-degradation of sewage. These digesters can have sizes varying from 10 cubic meters to several thousand cubic meters. For smaller sizes typically pre-fabricated structures are provided. Design of a digester will depend on the sewage type, input water quality and desired out puts. Depending on the parameters design can have additional storage tank, clarifier, reed bed etc. However, it has been found that output water quality can be controlled to the desired levels. We provide professional design services through our team of design engineers coming from prestigious engineering college background

Installation & Commissioning of Bio-Toilets & Bio-STP's
Elefo has a dedicated team which is responsible for installation and commissioning of our various products and services. Team is specialized in installation of FRP, Puff, composite material and civil construction installations.