Bio Sewage Treatment Plant

Elefo has to its credit the distinction of having designed, supplied and installed large number of successfully operating Bio-STPs in India. Bio-STPs can be used for treatment of sewage from large housing complexes, hotels etc. where sewage consists of mainly organic matter. In this system treatment of sewage is done using AMI (Anaerobic Microbial Inoculum) in an anaerobic environment. Depending on input water quality our single stage Bio-digester can have the following parameters

Advantages of Bio-STP

  • This technology is suitable for all terrain and works well under any kind of geo-climatic condition
  • Treatment of Sewage happens in totally eco-friendly manner. In this process, the technology breaks down the contaminants into treated effluent which has no adverse effect on the environment
  • Doesn’t involve human intervention at any stage of its functioning
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Can be made in a smaller space as compared to Normal STPs due to underground construction
  • More Hygienic than normal STPs
  • All pathogens are killed inside the Bio-digester Tank
  • Since it doesn’t involve huge machinery, it is cost effective

The Bio-STP Process